Power Harrow

Designed for seed bed preparation with clod burying leveling bar, vertical ‘stirring’ blades and full width mesh depth on the soil and there is no downwards pressure to create any panning. The soil is not inverted – it keeps it’s layer structure.

Power Harrow micro farming equipment for profitable market gardening allows you to add compost and amendments effectively leaving a prepared bed for intensive planting, vertical rotating blades do not invert layers and the soil structure is not damaged.

Suited for models XB40, BCS740 Wheels 6.50/80-12 & wheel spacer set are required.


Technical Details

Technical features of the 75cm (30″) R2 Rinaldi Power Harrow:

  • MTE75-B fits BCS 732 – 853, 750
  • Minimum tractor HP: 10hp Gas, 8hp Diesel
  • Weight: 163 lbs
  • Larger-than-standard wheels may be required on tractor
  • May require front weight for some tractor models, for proper balance
  • May require additional accessory to fit BCS 750